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Kegan Hilaire

Kegan was born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, before moving to Philadelphia to complete his bachelor’s degree in economics from Temple University (after a year at NCC).


After joining a CSA program (community supported agriculture) in the city, Kegan was hooked on the production of fresh, local, seasonal food. It has led him from Sales Manager of a 5th-generation dairy farm, to managing a diversified, organic farm, to the Rodale Institute Farmer Training Program, and finally to the Rodale Consulting Team as the Small Farms Consultant.


During the lockdown in 2020, Kegan started a small, ten family  farm share on a small plot in his parents' backyard. From there, Blackbird was born.


Kegan owns and operates Blackbird Farms, which is a small, diversified, certified organic vegetable farm.  They offer farm shares available for pickup or delivery. We currently operate at the Seed Farm with Golden Trout Greens and look forward to moving to NCC in 2024! 

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