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East 40 Advisory Committee Members

We thank these individuals for their commitment to the East 40!

Kelly Allen
Coordinator, NCC East 40
NCC Professor of Writing, Literature, and Food Studies

Dr. Alex Brands

NCC Adjunct Faculty, Biology

Carol Burns
Marketing Consultant, NCC East 40


Robin Cunconan-Lahr, Esq.

NCC Associate Professor & Coordinator, Special Education


Adam De Paul - EM sent

Catarina Di Maria 
NCC Assistant Professor of Math


Dr. Catherine Given 
NCC Associate Dean, Academic Success


Rachael Gorchov
NCC Assistant Professor of Fine Arts


Josh Holloway '24

Kegan Hilaire
Farmer / Small Farms Consultant


Dr. Abby Michelini
NCC Assistant Professor of English
Summer 2023 East 40 Artist-in-Residence

Holly O’Connor
NCC Associate Director, Grants & Contracts

Nathaniel Ramos
Lieutenant of Public Safety


Bill Smith
NCC Design and Construction Project Manager


Doug Smith
NCC Director, Student Life & Leadership Development


Dr. Gina Turner
NCC Executive Director, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

NCC Professor, Psychology


Cindy Vojnovic 
East Stroudsburg University Art Faculty
Summer 2022 East 40 Artist-in-Residence


Rodney Weems
NCC East 40 Community Gardener


Alex Zuniga ’23
Farm Manager, NCC East 40

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